Founded in 1902, Byrdcliffe is one of the earliest utopian art communities in America. Located approximately 2 hours north of New York City in the unique community of Woodstock, NY, Byrdcliffe has welcomed artists like Eva Hesse, Bob Dylan, Philip Guston, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and hundreds more to and live and work surrounded by the serene beauty of the Catskill Mountains on a 250-acre property.

Artist residency options include month-long communal sessions and 5-month long independent cottage residencies during the summer months, as well as independent residencies in our year-round cottages which range from 3-months to a year. As part of the AiR program, artists are invited to participate in a variety of programs which includes gatherings, talks, practice shares, studio visits, excursions, open studio events, and the annual AiR exhibition the spring after their residency.

The primary criterion for acceptance to Byrdcliffe’s AiR program is artistic excellence and demonstrated commitment to one’s field of endeavor. Artists working in a range of disciplines are welcome to apply including visual arts, writing, weaving, ceramics, music composition, darkroom photo, digital photo, filmmaking, theater, and more.

More information about Byrdcliffe's artists-in-residence programs can be found on our website:

Byrdcliffe is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity for all persons. Emerging and established artists of all ages 18+ and backgrounds including women, LGBTQIA+, people of color, and other historically underrepresented populations are encouraged to apply.

Byrdcliffe has a limited number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and studio spaces that are accessible. We aim to create accessibility for all, and welcome contact with applicants as early in the process as possible to ensure we are prepared to meet the needs of any prospective residents. Contact with any questions.

Regretfully Byrdcliffe is unable to accommodate children at this time. Only certified service animals can be accommodated.

Accommodations consist of simple historic arts & crafts style cottages clustered together in a close to nature forest setting.

Please fill out this supplemental application in order to be considered for need-based grants to support a residency at Byrdcliffe. 

Before completing this application, complete the cottage or communal AiR application: 

Fellowships and additional support: Byrdcliffe offers a number of funded fellowships each summer based on a combination of financial need and artistic merit, ranging from partial to full coverage of residency fees.

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